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Stories of Milan


Stories of Milan

NABA, BA Art Direction and Graphic Design, 2016/17

with: Angelo Colella, Patrizia Moschella, Laura Bottai, Antonio Motti, Antonio Anaclerio;

"We are looking for creative projects to make a livery on a Porsche car inspired by the artistic style (musical, cultural, visual arts) of the 1960s, which recalls, in its original, personalized and absolutely distinguishable features, elements characterizing the source car inspiration and, in addition, reproduces characteristic stories of Milan". That's how the project "Porsche 718 Boxster - Stories of Milan" has started – a collaboration between the Porsche Centers in Milan and NABA for the design of a new livery for a Porsche model inspired by the Porsche 356 SC 1600 convertible owned by Janis Joplin.