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Hobo life


Hobo life

DOMUS ACADEMY, Master in Product Design, 2014/15

with: Lorenzo Bustillos, Irene Sartor;

hobo life workshop

When you are a skater you have only one mission in your life: do skate. Wherever, whenever, however: do skate. Even if it requires moving far away, in a place where you know nobody, with no assurance that you will find a roof over your head or food for your stomach: do skate. Because skateboarding is not just a sport, it is not just a hobby...it is a community, a way of living, an attitude, a whole world where the comfort zone doesn’t exist. Only adventure.

This workshop in collaboration with Bastard, a Milan-based snowboard, skateboard and street-wear brand, challenged the students to investigate, support and improve the hobo life-style of a skater, which is that typical approach to life that characterize this community, based on urban survival and couch-camping attitude.