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Design Marathon #7

This page is a draft!

Design Marathon #7


with: C-Park; for: Mitsubishi Electric

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What is a Design Marathon?

A super-intensive design session,
48 hours of pure creative energy,
the best skills for the most outstanding projects, a competition to the last drop of energy, of passion, of talent.

Why is it exciting?

To work in touch with a major global brand:
Design Marathon is a great opportunity for understanding how a global company think and work; a great opportunity for personal visibility – big brands are always on the search of brilliant people who are not afraid to think out of the box, to envision the future or to solve today's problems.

To team-up for extra intensive experience:
Design Marathon is a great opportunity for understanding how to work proficiently under pressure and with extremely short deadline – speeding up your thoughts, increasing design efficiency, enhancing international exchange of creativity and visions.

To win an award:
Design Marathon is a true competition.
The First Prize for the best project consists in 4000€.
Three more Special Mentions award further 1000€ each.
Don't you want to give the best of yourself and be that one winning team?

When is the next edition?

D–Marathon #7
NABA for Mitsubishi Electric

>> check the topics
>> apply here!!

How does it work?

  • 1
    Day -20
    Apply online
  • 2
    Day -5
    Get selected
  • 3
    Day 0, late afternoon
    Meet your mates and get the D-Marathon survival kit
  • 4
    Day1, morning
    Think, talk, design
  • 5
    Day1, afternoon
    Think, talk, design
  • 6
    Day1, night
    Think, talk, design
  • 7
    Day2, morning
    Stop thinking and talking, just design!!
  • 8
    Day2, afternoon
    Pitch your project
    and push for success
  • 9
    Day2, night
    Get the awards
    or just celebrate..

For any further information or inquiry, please write an email message to: c-park@naba-da.com